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March 29, 2017
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July 22, 2017
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She started the season with boots – some of her favorite shoes! Shops offer a wide variety of models – from those short to ankles, through somewhat deeper, to the knee and finally the so-called. “Horseheads” above the knee.

It’s clear to you that every bodywork requires a different dressing and dressing. Also, each model of boots will not stand the same for each of you.

See a little guide to this topic and find out which boots are perfect for you.

High and slim girls are both about dressing and as far as the real lucky shoes are concerned! You do not have much to brainage. Almost every model of boots will stand well, whether you wear it with a mini skirt, a dress up to your knees, a teenage jeans or helankeys. Also, it will be good for you to stand both stitches and straight.

Certainly our recommendation is to point out these long legs and opt for either short boots to the ankles or those deeper over the knees. Certainly, if you are modeling the model up to half sheets you will not be much mistaken, but keep in mind that this length visually “shortens” your legs.

You can also make a stock of socks that spring from shorter boots and go to or, better still, above your knees.
For the lower girls, they are ideal boots up to their knees, and on the hat, but only those that are narrow. Wider boots will visually shorten your legs, while they will “elongate” them over your knees, but do not worry if you have stronger hips.

Boots over the knees with high heels over the day are a great fashionable NE – for both low and high ladies, because they look too forward (not to use a rough word smiley).
When it’s a evening look, it’s just another thing. It’s best to go with wider shorts or mini-shovels, but with helankeys.

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