Top boots in the trend for autumn and winter 2017/2018

Soft skin, a sophisticated model that resembles the eighties and crystals that cover the whole heart
October 1, 2017
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Top boots in the trend for autumn and winter 2017/2018

Although most women will not be able to have a full wardrobe of marked shoes that buy from a weekly blog, at the metaphor level we are all Keri, or at least we would secretly want to be. This time we present you boots for autumn – winter 2017/18 – which are surely full of hits!

Before we move on to models of boots for the upcoming winter and late autumn, we must say that we do not mention Carrie Bradshaw of the cult series Sex and the City in vain. Women’s obsession with shoes may perhaps be best seen through her character, who has defeated many prejudices, taboos and shifted the limits of women’s autonomy and personality.
A joke aside, in order to help you save time and money by buying many shoes for which you have no resources, we will share tips for fashion autumn / winter trends, which when you send, you can make sure that you are not mistaken and that you really will wear them.

# 1 Ready to fight martinke
Stylized martinke are an absolute hit this season. What distinguishes them from classic martini is a finer look that is adapted to the gentler and smoother styles.

These boots can also be worn with skirts, and with trousers. We know that you’ve heard it a thousand times in the shop when shopkeepers want to buy expensive shoes out of the shop as soon as possible, but this is a verified truth. Details such as artificial pearls, pins in pigment and the like, make these boots suitable for almost all styles. These details have become a big hit in the world, and these are some tips on what is IN and what OUT.
They are not suitable only for festivities, if you like the classic festive style. But when it comes to everyday style, these boots are the right choice for you.

You can find such boots with us. Zara offers a great choice, and one of them is this martini with pearls.

# 2 Shine and Shoot – boots with shingles for a great celebration
Also, another big hit that has remained since the summer has never been overcome by the jewels we all love so much. They are embroidered and embellished by us, which bring the New Year’s Euphoria into the New Year, which makes each ceremony more festive.

This style has until recently been reserved only for gentle ladies that nurture the princess style. However, the shingles have broken through the mainstream and have become a great trend.

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